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Welcome to the new design of ryancomputerrepair.com! Ryan Kemper fixes all types of computer problems and makes computers run faster. Ryan's Computer Repair is based out of Ottoville, Ohio and he has served customers in Ottoville, Fort Jennings, Delphos, Kalida, Lima, Spencerville and Surrounding Areas. With this site, you can look up prices of basic things, send in a testimonial that could be put on the site, or printed in Advertisements for the business, and I also feature a contact me page, where you can fill out a form to get in touch with me about a problem that I can fix.

1-Time Remote Control

Please download the Teamviewer Quick Support program to begin the remote session. I am unable to access your computer until the program has been opened, and you tell me your ID and Passcode.

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About Me

Ryan's Computer Repair is operated by Ryan Kemper from Ottoville, OH. I am a first year student studying Information and Telecommunication Systems at Ohio University in Athens, OH. In my spare time, I continue to fix computers, and mobile devices with iCracked. Below are listed some testimonials. If I have serviced you, and you would like to tell me about your experience, please send it in an email to 14kempry@gmail.com, or use the form in the Contact Me page. I would love to hear what you have to say so I can continue to improve for your benefit.


We were very pleased with Ryan and his computer knowledge. He was easy to get ahold of and quick to solve our problems. We were not without our computer for long! Thank you Ryan! We will recommend you to any of our family or friends that need computer repair.
-Stacey Miller
Ryan does a great job! He cleaned up both my home computer & our studio computer. Both are working 10 x better.
-Nancy Kroeger, K & R Photography
Ryan has fixed many computer issues for me, so am glad he has his service running now!
-Phyllis Turnwald
Please send your comments to me via email at: 14kempry@gmail.com, or fill out your comments in the contact Me page!

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services including free pick-up and delivery for residential customers within 10 miles of Ottoville, $30 tuneups, RAM upgrades, Computer Installaion, and much more!


Service Description Price*
Virus Removal Complete scan of system for any malicious software and removal. Includes installation of trustworthy, maintenance-free antivirus if none is found on system, $50
Computer Installation Includes installation of Operating System, Antivirus, Any other hardware that needs set up, including the printer, and any other software that is provided. $50
Computer Tuneup Includes the Removal of Temporary files, invalid registry keys, unused programs, defragmentation and optimization of hard disks, and basic hardware benchmark tests to test the health of the hardware. This service can now be performed Remotely! $30
Hardware upgrades Want more RAM or a bigger hardrive? I can look to see what is compatible, order it and install it. Varies on price of the hardware
General Repair Computer just won't turn on? I will provide troubleshooting and fix many problems that can cause the computer not to turn on, or random glitches or questions about the computer Depends upon the work done, and the time needed to complete.
iDevice Repair I am now Certified with iCracked to fix many mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This is a mobile service and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our parts.
Website Design and Hosting I offer many website Design and Hosting Solutions!
See this PDF for more information on these services.
Examples of my Work:

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Main Street Market - Ottoville
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Village of Ottoville
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Tony Langhals Real Estate Agency
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Remo Beatz (Domain For Sale)
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Heavenly Touch Massage with Mary Ricker (coming soon!)
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See this PDF for pricing Information!
*Prices are accurate as of October 2014, but are subject to change without notice.

Contact Me

Want Me to fix your computer or give it a speed boost? You can contact me by the information below.

Ryan Kemper
26282 Rd. R
Fort Jennings, OH 45844

Ryan Kemper
Ohio University
Weld House Rm. 410
128 S Green Dr.
Athens, OH 458701-3121

Personal Cell: (419) 890-6856
iCracked Cell: (419) 960-4539
E-Mail: RyanK@iTechs.com