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Welcome to the new design of ryancomputerrepair.com! Ryan Kemper fixes all types of computer problems and makes computers run faster. Ryan’s Computer Repair is based out of Ottoville, Ohio and he has served customers in Ottoville, Fort Jennings, Delphos, Kalida, Lima, Spencerville and Surrounding Areas. With this site, you can look up prices of basic things, send in a testimonial that could be put on the site, or printed in Advertisements for the business, and I also feature a contact me page, where you can fill out a form to get in touch with me about a problem that I can fix.

1-Time Remote Control

Please download the Teamviewer Quick Support program to begin the remote session. I am unable to access your computer until the program has been opened, and you tell me your ID and Passcode.

Download Teamviewer


Computer Repair
Computer Tuneups, Virus Removal, Hardware Replacement, and more!
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Mobile Device Repair
I am a certified iTech with iCracked.  Visit iCracked for more info.
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Website Design & Hosting
I have designed and host websites for several businesses, and personal profiles.
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Computers Repairs
Mobile Repairs
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